Gordon Jenkins is The Visible Guy. He helps people, organisations and causes to be visible. The Visible Guy has faced many challenges, some life and death situations. He has ended up in the strangest of places such as a South Asian jungle instead of the Australian Outback. He is proof that no matter how bad your circumstances seem at the time, you are in control of your destiny. During our time on this planet each of our hearts will beat around 672,800,000 times. Gordon has already used 50% of his heartbeats. He will not waste another heartbeat. His prior torment and sadness have been replaced by achievements, outcomes and FUN! Gordon realised that in life (work or personal) being seen was not enough to be successful. You need to be visible. Whether individuals, entrepreneurs or organisational leaders, Gordon is called upon to demonstrate that when you mix visibility and passion the seemingly unimaginable outcomes happen. Today he shares his insights into the power of being visible through highly interactive frameworks. The Visible Guy has no barrier, it is global. Whether it is helping a young Costa Rican bassoonist to fulfil her dreams, a top 20 finalist in Australia’s She Start Innovation program, or working with a global organisation to change lives, the only barrier is us. Nothing is impossible. I’M POSSIBLE. Distractions are removed when the focus is on purpose, passion and being visible. Gordon is grateful for every moment he has witnessed and the opportunity to share the most amazing experiences. He has just completed his 6th bucket list. This mindset of purpose is the single most important variable in why today Gordon is alive and visible… very visible. There is no yesterday, no tomorrow, just today right now.One of Gordon’s passions is to reach out and share his insights as to how others can amplify their potential. He brings his own learnings from life and a successful corporate career, including how being visible enabled him to win the 2016 Indie Company of the Year. His delivery is fun and enriching. His journey is filled with highs and lows. Most importantly he practices what he preaches. There is no need to wait as long as Gordon did. There is no need to suffer like he did. You are free to make you passion your purpose and be visible now.

Gordan’s presentation on “Be Seen. #BeVisible. Network with Purpose” Did you know there are over 30 ways to network? Invisible people collect business cards and social media likes, visible people network with purpose. An interactive, fun, presentation providing the attendees with over 30 ways to network including how to promote themselves without selling. In addition a free 30 min consultation following the conference is available.

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