Specialising in clearing ‘head trash’, and known as the Catalyst of Change, Sue Lester is an international Mindset Coach, key note speaker, training facilitator, and author of “The Face Within: How to Change Your Unconscious Blueprint”. With a background in education, social enterprise and studies in neuroscience, Sue now coaches successful people who have lost the “I” out of their L_VES to gain the clarity of thought, heartfelt confidence and gutsy motivation to regain their zest for life. In her spare time Sue’s been charged by a silverback gorilla in the Congo, canoed the Zambezi River dodging hippos, walked across the Australian Simpson Desert with 16 camels, and much more. Sue uses her adventurous travel tales inspire others to rediscover their potential.

“Ditch the Bitch: Turn Self-Sabotage Into Self-Motivation” “You weren’t born criticising yourself, and asking, “Does my bum look big in this nappy?” You weren’t born telling yourself, “Oh, I better not try to stand up because what if I fall and what if people laugh and think I’m stupid?” You weren’t born expecting yourself to get it perfect l right first go, without learning how and without practice. So what happened? Where did THAT voice come from, you know, the bitch on your shoulder or in your head? Join mindset coach, author and adventurer Sue Lester on a canoe trip down the Zambezi River and discover: · What and who that voice is (and it is NOT you), · How to change it so you stop self-sabotaging and start self-motivating instead. · The real reasons busy-work and/or procrastination block you. · 2 simple yet powerful techniques to overcome self-sabotage. · The key way guaranteed to boost your self-motivation.

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