After many years in credit, the past 15 years as a National Credit Manager, Tracy Fowler founded her business BDM Credit Management 2 years ago. Her focus is to give business owners the support they need, as well as giving them access to a credit professional that will reduce their overdue accounts, improve cash flow, and give them the time to do what they do best – build their business. In these 2 years it has resonated with Tracy, that so many business owners have no idea of the basics of credit management, and how they can protect themselves from bad and doubtful debts occurring. She wants to change that.

“Debt collection tips and tricks” – How to get paid and keep your customer” – Debt collection is something most business owners either leave to the last minute or hope they don’t have to do – despite the impact it has on their cash flow. I cover a number of tips that are used within the credit industry that most business owners would not be aware of.

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