After leaving her legal career and launching a couple of businesses, including an online toy store, Lisa Win combined her two great loves, business and law, to become an Aussie Trade Marks Attorney. Since founding her firm, Win Trade Marks, Lisa spends her days advising small businesses on trade mark law and the trade marking process. Her main focus is to help business owners make informed and strategic decisions to give their brand the legal protection it deserves. By understanding what trade marks are and how they work business owners can make better and more informed decisions about their branding, the growth of their business and the protection of their intellectual property.

Her presentation, “Trade Marks – Not as simple as you think” – Getting a trade mark that will protect your business (or your client’s business) is not a simple admin task. We’ll cover what’s actually involved in making sure your trade mark gets registered and what you need to consider to make sure you have an effective trade mark rather than a useless one. In this talk I cover: – Why trade mark? – The consequences of not getting your trade mark application right – Which mark to protect – Is your mark distinctive? – Is your mark substantially identical or deceptively similar to another registered mark? – Is there anyone who could oppose your mark? – What protection does your trade mark provide? – What to do after your mark is registered.

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