Jo Johnson is a coastal-dwelling, storytelling kind of gal. An author, dancer, mother and lover. She’s been a word­nerd her entire life, and a business babe for half of it. Her passion for all things online began with shopping but quickly morphed into marketing, advertising, communications and content. With a pedigree that includes TMP Worldwide, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Morgan & Banks, Country Road and, she certainly knows the corporate ways. But her buzz now comes from helping the new breed of business owners and entrepreneurs find their own voice amongst the noise, and grow in confidence – and revenue – by sharing their stories.
Jo understands the frustrations people have with marketing themselves and their services: clarity of message is often elusive; trying to keep up leads to overwhelm; and creativity and confidence gets stifled. She also knows that when you find the way to deliver your value through everyday moments, in your unique voice, that your marketing stops feeling hard, you cease feeling like a fraud, and your audience begins to lean in, to relate, to trust.

Jo Johnson – The Content Coach.