Renée Hasseldine, excels at cutting through the noise and frustration of both on and offline course design, effortlessly streamlining and packaging products with ease, yet with a cheekily fun and uniquely exciting approach. Her knack for extracting powerful ideas and transforming them into neat, inspired leveraged products is sheer genius. Renée shares her signature 7 Stage process in her best-selling book ‘Share Your Passion’ and is a regular contributor to both Smallville, an online business resource for small business owners and The Huffington Post. Renée is passion personified. Be prepared for it. Be prepared to leave empowered.

“Leverage, Leverage, Leverage Are you feeling like there’s never enough time and money, no matter how hard you work? Are feeling stressed and burnt out? There has to be a better way, right? In this presentation, Renée will share practical ways to create leverage in your business so you can have more time, more money and less stress, while reaching even more clients and having a greater impact. Who doesn’t want that? TAKE-AWAY MESSAGES: • The 3 Key Assets you can leverage in your business • How to create leverage in your business effectively and efficiently • Practical actions to take right now so you can get more with less.

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