… there’s always next year!

For all of you who didn’t attend AVAC2014, we want to let you know it was a great conference and the feedback has been very good.  We’re currently working my way through all the feedback sheets as we always send feedback to each speaker after the event.

The venue was great, the food was great and so was the company too!

Something our MC introduced was ‘Post It Note Poems’ and we got some great ones which we will share with you over time.

This one is by Tanya and Sam of Clancy VA:

Being a VA will be fun
With challenge and work to be done
AVAC is our start
It will play a big part
But we feel like we’ve already won!

Just thought we’d give you all a heads up that we plan to hold AVAC2015 at Melbourne Docklands so now’s a good time to plan your intention to come. Once we have the venue and date secured we can let you know so you can book flights, and accommodation, if needed.   If you put away just $20 a week between now and then you’d have sufficient to pay for the conference, your accommodation, a flight and the dinner with some left over for some great Melbourne shopping.

Hope to see you at next year’s event!

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