Well, it’s almost here! Just the end of next week. We can still squeeze a few more in if you’ve been in two minds whether or not to book. But please don’t leave it much longer as you may miss out.

We’ve also booked a venue for the Friday night dinner we have each year for our conference. An opportunity to wind down, relax, wine and dine with your colleagues, and even, perhaps, some of the speakers.

Don’t forget to check our Facebook page for updates.  There’s a small group meeting for dinner on the Thursday night as they will be arriving the day before the event.  Always another great way to get a good start for the event!

And of course, don’t forget to check out our sponsors, who have helped make this event possible.  As this event is put on by a not-for-profit organisation, and because we want to keep your costs (the delegate) down, we are very dependent on sponsors to assist financially, and in other ways, to make the event possible. Can’t wait for you to see all the giveaways we have!