Day 1

8:00 – 8:45am Registrations

8.45am Welcome and & Intro

Our MC this year is the lovely Sandi Givens, who will also provide a keynote session during the conference as well.  We are thrilled to have Sandi and know that she will certainly keep the event moving throughout the two days. She will be talking about The ‘B’ Myth: Why Work/Life Balance doesn’t exist (and what you can do about it).

9:00am Keynote

We’ll be kicking off our event with Danielle Storey, of The Cartridge Family and Million Dollar Relationships. Most business owners desire relationships with their customers that make both parties feel like a million dollars. Many also want million dollar businesses as well. Delighting customers is the key to growing a successful business. Customer relationship expert, Danielle Storey will share the ABCs of Creating Million Dollar Relationships in this session. Attendees will be able to put practical processes into practice immediately to grow their own businesses.

10:00am Networking Session

“Learn how to grow your business by networking” with Maree Hamilton.  We’ll be covering the value of networking for business and the importance of continual networking.  Maree owns TBP Women’s Business Alliance, a Women’s business network developed with the aim of inspiring, connecting & supporting women in business.

10:45am Morning Tea

11:00am Workshop

Donna Hanson will present How to get Twice As Much Done in Half The Time! Excel & Word are tools virtual assistants need all year round but who has the time to dig deeper and get some shortcuts?? In this fun and interactive presentation, Donna Hanson will share with you a range of tips, tricks and hidden secrets in Word & Excel ALL VA’s MUST KNOW to get twice as much done in half the time.

11:45am Workshop

Chris Crowe will take us through Time Management Using Outlook.  Chris comes from a background of working with a training company where this particular method was used on a daily basis. She says: I’ve had many clients over the years tell me that I have changed their lives – and even one who said “You have changed my life… even better, you have changed my wife’s life because I go home on time and stress free at the end of every day, knowing that my Outlook is under control” I also had a client kiss me on the cheek and tell me that I’m a genius!! (not too sure about that to be honest, but it was nice to hear!).

12:30 Legal Session

Contracts 101 for VAs with Peter Moore, Business Law Consultant.

1:00pm Lunch/Networking/Tradeshow

2:00pm Workshop

Annemarie Cross will be focusing on Online Brand and Social Media Strategy to Get You Noticed. Annemarie helps entrepreneurs get more clients by standing out, getting hired and paid what their worth so they can breakthrough to a 6-figure (or more) business.

2:45pm Workshop

“Educate yourself to organise and outsource” is the topic that Hazel Theocharous will cover.  It is the ability to realise the benefit of outsourcing parts of a Virtual Assistance business to other professionals such as graphic designers, web designers, bookkeepers etc – things that Virtual Assistants still need to do in their business but may not have the knowledge or capacity to work on.

3:30pm Afternoon Break

3:45pm Keynote: The ‘B’ Myth: Why Work/Life Balance doesn’t exist (and what you can do about it) with Sandi Givens

5:00pm Finish

Day 2

8:45am Registrations

9:00am Welcome and Housekeeping

9:15am Keynote

Jodie Nolan will be our first speaker on day 2.  Jodie’s new book Surviving the Storm shares how she experienced financial crisis and turned things around again.  Jodie believes that nothing is infallible when it comes to financial matters, no fool-proof financial strategy or ‘safest’ way to make money. Jodie firmly believes it is a combination of factors that shape your financial success and she shares them with her audience in a heartfelt, inspiring way.

10:30am Session

Jenny Moss will follow with her topic on Risk Management. Topic will cover how to manage risk in your business and provide for contingent liabilities that might occur. Will talk about what you need to insure and what you can secure by process.

11:15am Morning Tea

11:30am Session

With Alister Cameron about Blogging for Business

12:15 Workshop

Michael Licenblat comes back to speak on Building Sales Resilience and Overcoming Rejections. In the world of business, no matter how confident, competent or experienced you are – setbacks are a part of any sales process. How well you handle those sales rejections, failures and problems will often determine how successful you are going to be.

1:00pm Lunch/Networking/Tradeshow


A fun health & fitness session after lunch on day two is not to be missed and will be brought to us by our own Leanne Sklavenitis.  Attendees from previous years will agree that Leanne certainly gets your heart pumping and has you wide awake for the last afternoon of our event.


We also welcome back Charly Leetham who will help us to look at the more intricate parts of WordPress and how it had become a top tool for websites today.

3:45pm Afternoon Teabreak

4:00pm Fun session

We’ll be finishing up with Warwick Merry, who was our MC last year and the year before. This year Warwick comes back to us as a sessional speaker with the topic Let’s Get Serious.  You can be sure there will be lots of laughter mixed with a lot of truth in this final session for our event.

5:00pm Finish