Speakers 2011

Our speakers for 2011 are below. Who will we have for 2012?

Our MC in 2011 was the fantastic Warwick Merry.

We had Warwick stand in for an MC for one day at the first event and we all fell in love with him – so much so we just had to have him back! Warwick is known as The Get More Guy No doubt your first question is “Who is Warwick Merry?” It is a fair question. So here is a little bit about me and some of the things that I have done to give you a better perspective of me. I am from a small Victorian country town and have lived in many different parts of Australia as well as 12 months in Dallas, Texas. I hold a Bachelor of Applied Science (Computing) and a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) but that doesn’t stop me from being an energetic and entertaining presenter and facilitator. What it does do is give me a firm grounding in the basics of business as well as being very comfortable with technology – in fact I am becoming a Web 2.0 nerd!


Tim Reid – 11 Marketing Ideas that are high impact, low cost and easy to implement.

Who’s Tim and does he really have any idea? Well, I guess the answer to the latter will lie in the quality of the thinking I generate for your business. However, to remove all risk on your behalf, all my services come with a 100%, no questions asked money back guarantee. To put your mind further at rest, I have over 20-years of extensive and diverse experience in Marketing Communications. Such experience has taught me the following truths that are the inspiration for my own business.

Ingrid Thompson

Ingrid is passionate about helping people realise the full potential of their business; from a solopreneur wondering how to start their business to the successful enterprise looking for the next opportunity. She combines exceptional training & facilitation skills with her business and accounting experience to provide her clients with the knowledge they need to grow and develop their business. New technology allows business owners to reach customers in ways never before imagined. In this session Ingrid will explore the wonders of podcasting; what exactly is it? how can podcasts help a business reach more customers? how would you get started? For those new to podcasting you will learn what you need to do to put together your own very first podcast. And if you are already using podcasts in your business you will gain insight into how to further use podcasting with your clients

Judith Field – Communication Confidence

Judith Field, director and founder of Direct Speech is a trainer, speaker, author. She runs workshops for the education sector as well as for small to large businesses and mini courses. Her style is relaxed and inclusive. She models what she wants her clients to do: speak with clarity, confidence and commitment. Her session(s) will be practical and applicable for everyone as well as entertaining and challenging. Come prepared to participate and be empowered, permanently. www.directspeech.com.au

Melinda Brennan – Knowing Your Target Market Workshop

Melinda Brennan is a Business Coach specialising in Work at Home Mums and business planning. She knows her target market right down to the colour of their underwear (ok, maybe not quite that well). Melinda has a friendly and relaxed style and a great talent for asking the right questions to cut to the heart of the matter. She has a very diverse background, from the Military, to Human Resources and Intelligence, the Public Service and Coaching. Melinda began her first work at home business in 2002, setting herself up as a bookkeeper so she could be at home with her daughter. She ran Beacon Bookkeeping for three years, closing it down in order to focus on her Coaching. In the six plus years that Melinda has been coaching her clients have varied from single mothers on welfare to CEO’s of Non-Profit organisations, from public servants to Entrepreneurs and most things in between. Her clients are based all over the world, so she’s become an expert in working around differing time zones and cultures.


Paddy Spruce – Power and Positive Influence

Paddy Spruce is an experienced MC and speaker. He has been awarded the highest level of accreditation by the National Speakers Association. This is the only international accreditation. He has been part of the organizing committee of National Conferences and often speaks at the same conferences that he MCes. He knows the speaking industry and has valuable contacts to ensure that the speakers you choose are fully supported and understand what is expected of them.


Heather Maloney – Beating the ROI Benchmark for Email Campaigns

Heather completed a Masters of Technology (Information Technology) in 2000 at R.M.I.T. (Melbourne) and has been applying her skills within the information technology profession for over 17 years. Over that time, Heather has been involved in a large number of technology projects implemented into multi-national organisations, medium-sized enterprises, and micro businesses alike, spanning a wide range of industries and applications including banking and finance, law, real estate, retail, FMCG, automotive, manufacturing, and mining. Heather brings to Contact Point clients well honed skills in project management, IT solutions delivery, web technologies and a strong desire to assist businesses to improve by making operations easier, and delivering value to customers.

Michael Licenblat – ‘How to get more done – without burning yourself out’

Has work pressure ever made you feel tired, irritable or unwell? Does your ‘get up and go’ seem to have got up and gone? Do you ever feel overloaded and fed up with everything? Do you find that working long hours can wear you out? Resilience Expert, Michael Licenblat, will show you the practical techniques to become resilient to the pressures of work and life, and turn your unproductive stress into natural energy and enthusiasm.In this practical interactive seminar, you will learn how to supercharge your personal productivity. By bouncing back from setbacks, pressures and problems that may otherwise slow you down, work you up, burn you out. Michael will discuss how to you stay productive, energised and motivated when working under pressure and stress. Michael Licenblat is a Resilience Expert who teaches teams how to become ‘ pressure proof’ so that they can get more done – without burning themselves out. He believes that motivation and life balance is more about becoming resilient to pressure, and bouncing back fast from setbacks, instead of trying to reduce your stress. Drawing on his background in Psychology, Shiatsu therapy, and Martial Arts, Michael demystifies how to read ‘pressure patterns’ and use positive pressure to stay focused and engaged to get results. “Michael’s program helped our team stay productive in our peak work-flow times.” – Lyn Mueller, EA to CFO, CitiPower Pty / Powercor Australia Ltd. In Michael’s high energy, interactive and down to earth presentations, attendees will learn how to:

  • Use pressure to enhance their productivity and effectiveness
  • Develop a resilient mental attitude to stay focused and motivated when under pressure
  • Become emotionally immune to draining clients, customers and colleagues
  • Increase their working stamina when working for hours on end without a break
  • Prevent burnout and preserve their health when dealing with deadlines

Michael regularly publishes articles and has delivered presentations to organizations such as Coles Myer Ltd., Pitcher Partners, SEEK Communications, Victorian Parliament, Maunsell, SalesForce, Caterpillar Australia, and Swinburne University. Michael has also authored the CD series ‘How to handle difficult, demanding and negative people – without becoming drained’, and has authored the e-book ‘Turning Stress into Energy and Enthusiasm’. Michael is married to Robyn and spends much of his personal time wrestling with his three little children.

Paul_M_presents250 If you want a presentation that really ROCKS, then look no further than Paul McCarthy. Paul is a rare speaker with the ability to really connect with audiences and compel people to want to reignite their desire to take action. A former professional musician, Paul provides any conference with a unique blend of business savvy and first class entertainment. Whether exploring his unique approach to Rock Solid Marketing, Selling to a different BEAT or any of his compelling keynote presentations, Paul’s down-to-earth, innovative and fun style make for an unforgettable experience. Paul is a born performer. A former lead singer, Paul can use his beautiful voice to powerful effect to bond and move an audience – or he can draw on his diverse and colourful background to share amazing stories that people instantly connect with. Paul brings humour and flair to every presentation and his natural warmth has made him a hit with audiences everywhere. When people leave one of Paul’s presentations they know there is no turning back. His compelling message tells people “You can’t change what you’ve done, but you can change what you’ll become”. Now the future is in your hands. If you would like to make your business’s next conference an actionpacked adventure filled with great take-away value, then make sure you book Paul McCarthy to deliver one of his powerful keynotes.

Charly Leetham: The components of good website design

I have more than 20 years experience in the IT industry ranging from ‘hands on’ technical to high level business management. I have actually installed and configured computing equipment and personally managed business contracts in excess of $26 million dollars. For the past 10 years, I have operated my own businesses, customizing blogs and handling technical projects for many clients. My unique experience, coupled with my natural ability to educate, offers an exceptional ability to assist clients in services ranging from web development and design to full service business coaching.

Leanne Sklavenitis, Health & Motivated No Matter What Your Workload! (Health)

Leanne Sklavenitis has been extensively involved in the Fitness industry both in Australia and the USA for 22 years as a Group Fitness instructor and Personal Trainer running her own business. She is an Online Fitness Motivation Coach (www.fitnesstips.com.au) and Home Based Business Owner/Virtual Assistant who is passionate about helping others succeed in their health and fitness goals. So Do You Know How to Handle Stress and Stay Healthy & Motivated No Matter What Your Workload! As VA’s you often have strict deadlines to meet whether you have one client or twenty. Leanne will provide you with awesome tips on how to handle stress, stay motivated and be the healthiest you can be to handle any situation to take your business to the next level. Business and health go hand in hand and having a successful business is of no value unless you have your health.

Lenore Miller, Igniting Your Business Mojo (Prof Devp)

As a business owner have you ever wondered where all that energy, enthusiasm and excitement you once had for your business disappeared to?

Somewhere, between setting up or buying your business and the day-to-day running of the operation, you lost your business mojo. Would you like to know why, and more importantly, how to regain it? Then this presentation is for you! About me: Lenore is the owner of Inspired for Life Pty Ltd, a company she has directed for 11 years. She was co-director and manager of Rent to Own Housing Pty Ltd, a property investment company specialising in vendor finance, before she moved on to start the first Contours women’s fitness franchise in the Hunter Valley in November 2005. This successful operation was highly profitable and running at arms length within 18 months. Lenore sold this enterprise in July 2009. Lenore has vast corporate speaking and training experience, as well as being an author and experienced business coach and mentor. Lenore’s new book Ignite Your Business Mojo has been recommended by International Entrepreneur of the Year Justin Herald, famous for his Attitude clothing label who says “If you have lost the mojo for doing business then this is the book for you. Great tips, great content and worth every cent. Get in front of your competitors and get back on track. You HAVE to read this book!”

Cris Popp, Laughter Session

Cris Popp is Australia’s leading workplace laughter leader. After training with the founder of the world laughter yoga movement, Dr Madan Kataria, Cris used his corporate experience to adapt Laughter Sessions for Australian conferences and workplaces. He has been made a life-long “Laughter Ambassador” for his work in bringing people together through laughter. He is also a sought-after speaker on resilience, workplace wellbeing, happiness, high-performance cultures, innovation and change. As a skilled trainer and facilitator Cris works with organisations to create a culture that is productive, innovative, engaging and fun. Cris’ laughter sessions provide many benefits, including improving your memory, boosting your creativity, and relaxing your body. It’s also guaranteed fun and a great way to meet the other participants. So put down that coffee and perk up your energy with something that is good for you! What to expect at a Laughter Session: Some fun and great team bonding. Scintillating though the conference undoubtedly is, we all need a little help to get through the afternoon trough and what better way than with laughter? The session will get you on your feet and re-focused. It will also help to improve your memory, boost your creativity, and relax your body. It starts with a short talk to get people warmed up, build rapport and get them excited about the session, then a series of laughter exercises. The exercise comprises a series of gentle movements and breathing to open up the lungs and loosen participants and then we move to the laughter exercises themselves. During the session no-one will be singled out, asked to put on a silly hat or “act” funny. The session is a great laugh but we keep it professional and it always leaves people with a warm glow – a great way to get people collaborating. So put down that coffee and perk up your energy with something that is good for you!