Speakers 2015

While we are waiting for their photos and bios, we’d love to introduce to you to some of the speakers for 2015:

Rob-Compressed Rob Salisbury CSP, Strategic Resources

We are thrilled to announce our MC for our 6th AVAC Conference in Melbourne. Involved with over 2100 conferences in over 20 countries over the years, he is a charismatic, considerate yet humorous MC known to keep high end events to time. As a business person, Rob has employed Australian VA services since 1994 and emceed 500 person events for State Premiers such asBob Carr, Kristina Keneally and Barry O Farrell plus in raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for local and national charities. With his expertise in hosting the Macua China Toastmasters Convention or DHL events in Hong Kong, Berlin, Bangkok or Singapore or for NSA of Australia since the mid 1990’s, Rob will our ensure delegates and speakers have a great event.

carolinekennedy Caroline Kennedy will be our Keynote Speaker on Friday.Author of ‘The Power of Wow; why thank you makes dollars and sense’Business mentor and change agent for customer and employee loyaltyCaroline is a business founder, author and business mentor with over 17 years’ experience in the corporate world. She was a finalist in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards in 2014.Caroline is an expert in helping businesses to raise revenue by developing lasting, engaging connections with staff and clients.
 annacairo Anna Cairo, Anna Cairo ConsultingSocial media is constantly changing with the landscape evolving at incredible speed. Changes are more to do with the changing habits of users rather than the technology itself. That is why social media is more than just marketing. It is based on 3 interconnected shifts that are occurring:the communication shift – immediate, speed, permanency & global the cultural shift –how people search for & receive information, how they buy, connect, make decisions is changing the mobile shift – communication now comes ‘with us’ not ‘to us’These are all significant impacts on individuals, business & society which need to be understood to make the most of the opportunities.
 VSBC_Geoff Geoff Browne, Victorian Small Business Commissioner
Contract & Commercial Dispute Resolution & Assistance.The Victorian Small Business Commissioner provides a quick, low cost and effective dispute resolution services for business-to-business disputes. Any type of contractual dispute falls within the Commissioner’s scope, and there is no definition of ‘small business’. Established in 2003, the success of the Victorian Small Business Commissioner saw similar services established in NSW, WA and SA over the past three years. Engaging with a Virtual Assistant becomes a contract between the hirer and the Assistant. It is important these contracts contain terms which protect both parties appropriately, and clearly identify what the requirements of the contract are.  Many commercial disputes arise due to lack of clarity of tasks required, or disparate expectations of each party.Unlike consumer contracts, business contracts do not have legislative protections against ‘unfair contract terms’ under the Australian Competition and Consumer Law.  However, there is currently a process underway nationally to consider extending such protections to small business contracts with other businesses.This presentation will summarise the role and scope of the Victorian Small Business Commissioner, provide examples and case studies of contract disputes dealt with, provide tips to prevent commercial disputes arising, discuss ‘unfair contract terms’ in consumer and business contracts, and present the outcomes of research into the costs and other adverse impacts on business of being caught up in litigation if disputes can’t be resolved. As part of the VSBC presentation, each delegate will also be given an information pack which contains a $20 voucher for an initial mentoring session with the Small Business Mentoring Service
AlliPrice Alli Price, Motivating Mum – Set yourself apart with crazy promotions and interesting events

Many will have heard of Alli and know who she is.

The session would cover how to get exposure to your market, a raised profile and, hopefully, clients – by thinking outside of the box and putting together great promotions/events that stand out and get people talking. I would use the examples of my events, MotherJumpers & Mummy Mentoring Festival, to provide examples of how you can create an event that is mad, stands out, taps into your target market, gets media exposure, shares on social media and more.

 cliveenever Clive Enever, The Business Mentor – What is a Business Plan and Why is it ImportantAs a successful business coach and mentor, Clive Enever has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in all key areas required to encourage business owners to grow their businesses and achieve their goals.Clive Enever provides powerful and high impact mentoring to business owners thanks to the wealth of knowledge and experience he has built through over 30 years of business success. Using an approach that is warm yet direct and ever results-driven Clive helps his clients to view their businesses in a broader context. Clive’s clients attest to being able to build their success alongside creating the lifestyle they crave – putting an end to the myth that business success requires total personal sacrifice.Whether business owners seek to increase their profits, improve sales results, streamline performance or develop staff, Clive can assist in the ‘spring-boarding’ of business success.
Vikki-Maver Vikki Maver, Refresh Marketing – The rt of Effective Business Writing
Vikki Maver is a freelancer has over 10 years’ copywriting experience. She is also a respected marketer, trainer and university lecturer.Vikki writes compelling copy for many high profile clients including ANZ, Monash University, Spotless, Lend Lease, Australia Post, Melbourne School of Business and Crown Casino.Vikki knows how to use words with more impact and motivate people to continue reading in the highly cluttered and competitive world. Her marketing background gives her the ability to immerse herself in the marketing needs of her clients – and the mindset of almost any target audience.
 KatherineHawes Katherine Hawes – New Age Legal Solutions/Aquarius Lawyers – The Legal aspects of running a VA business.When starting any business, people tend to focus on the marketing and finances… but what about the legal issues? This presentation will look at legal aspects specific to VA’s when running their own business
 NathanielBibby Nathanial Bibby – Bibby Consulting Group – LinkedIn

We provide LinkedIn Training, Lead Generation and sales training services to Australian business owners and sales professionals. We specialise in giving Australian businesses a competitive edge through highly effective social strategies combined with simple but incredibly compelling message use, right here on LinkedIn. If you have a LinkedIn profile that you feel is not getting the results that you want, contact us and we’ll help you to get the results that you want. Oh and you might want to check out our 30 min complimentary coaching available at www.linkedinleads.com.au

 Brad-Tonini Brad Tonini – The Entrepreneurs Alliance – Keynote Speaker on Saturday.

Brad Tonini has had over 16 years of running his own business. As a sought after sales strategist, Brad has helped hundreds of companies increase their sales quickly through his Trusted Advisor Selling coaching and training programs.

Brad has “Walked his Talk” with practical experience building and then selling NGT Marketing Group one of Australia & New Zealand’s largest Executive Diary Marketers.

His clients now are from a range of industries such as Jayco Caravans, Optus, St Hilliers Contracting and John Deere to name a few.

andreajenkins Andrea Jenkins started her own Financial Planning practice in 2011 when she realized that this was the only way to truly implement her own personal values in to Financial Planning and give her clients Great Advice.Andrea is passionate about running a Best Practice model in her business to ensure her clients are well looked after and their needs are always being met. Andrea loves nothing more than to see her clients achieve their lifelong goals, small, medium and life changing!!Andrea loves to talk about how to make the most out of your hard earned cash and investments as well as teach her clients about all things financial, including the importance of goal setting and discipline.
 leannesklavenitis2 Leanne Sklavenitis (www.leannesklavenitis.com) is a successful Business and Health Accountability Expert, International Speaker and Author who has run successful businesses and been involved in the Fitness industry in Australia and the USA for more than 25 years.  Leanne specialises in helping people to be fitter, healthier and more profitable in their lives and their businesses by running online health and fitness accountability and coaching programs.
 Kerrynpowell Kerryn Powell is a creative and innovative business owner, fostering relationships and creating opportunities for business owners to make valuable connections and find the solutions they need to implement their projects to meet their deadlines.
Kerryn’s love of event organisation, stems back to her childhood where she recalls her parents marketing their business and developing a pipeline of prospects through Trade Shows.
 Suzanne Chadwick photo 2 Suzanne ChadwickThe Connection Exchange is a Business & Career Coaching, Training & Events organisation based in Melbourne.  Focusing on supporting women to create a business or career that provides them with the challenge, freedom and financial rewards they want and need for their chosen lifestyle.  We provide online content as well as both live and online training events that teach practical and focused skills to new business owners in order to help them build a strong foundation for business.For more information on Suzanne Chadwick and The Connection Exchange, go to www.theconnectionexchange.com
 Paul_M_focus150 Paul McCarthy is known as Australia’s Rockstar Marketer and is an expert in helping companies of all sizes to innovate their marketing to generate breakthrough results.

Paul’s client list reads like a who’s who of Australian businesses and includes companies such as NAB, Heinz, Cussons, Nestle, State Revenue Office, Metricon, First National Real Estate, Salvation Army and Queensland Rail to name but a few. An award ?winning speaker, Paul is one of Australia’s most popular small business sales and marketing experts.

Over the past decade Paul has forged a reputation as an outstanding speaker and entrepreneurial mentor.

Paul’s passion lies in assisting the self-employed learn how to become RockStars in their own industry and has led him to assist around a hundred thousand entrepreneurs, franchise and independent distributors to transform their current results, whether through attending one of his high energy, interactive presentations or being accepted into one of his intensive elite coaching programs.