Speakers 2018

The Call for Speakers is closed.

Our event is taking place in Brisbane, March 16th & 17th 2018.

Our MC Katrena Friel, has been a speaker at our 2016 & 2017 conferences, having been very well received with great feedback from delegates is back as our MC.

Katrena will also talk about “How to become a Strategic Partner Virtually”

By expending the effort to remain consistently two steps ahead of their executive, VAs often inadvertently neglect their own professional development and career planning. With the role becoming increasingly multi-dimensional, successful VAs must actively transition to a strategic partner mentality. This workshop will walk you through the process required to shift from a transactional to strategic mindset and role. By understanding the critical factors, proactively developing a plan and setting goals you can greatly improve your performance, and business trajectory.

Want to know more? Please go to www.becomingtheexpertprogram.com

Kate Norris, founder of Presentation Boss, is obsessed with analysing every aspect of presentation skills. Combined with a refusal to be anything other than her kind-of-dorky self, she knows how to own the stage…like a boss.

Her presentation, “The camera loves you! How to use video to market your business” – With an online business, it’s hard for clients to see and connect with YOU. Video helps to break through the “know, like and trust” barrier. Of course, first impressions count, so understanding the basics of presenting over video will help you avoid the pitfalls and let your personality shine through. What you’ll learn: – How to look and feel confident on camera – How to create a clear message your audience will remember – The basic equipment you need to make great videos (you probably already have most of it!)

Want to know more? Please go to www.presentationboss.com.au

Andrea Smith has a passion for copyright and the rights of artists. She has attended many copyright seminars, run copyright information sessions and in 2016 presented a case for QLD artists and performers at the Federal Government initiated Productivity Commission Copyright Information Sessions.

Andrea will talk about “5 Copyright Myths All VAs Need To Know”In these times of easy access to imagery on the internet, it can be hard to know if you are doing the right or wrong thing when sharing on social media, your website and other products. – Find out about common misconceptions around image sharing. – Understand the basics of copyright and how to apply for small businesses. – Discover the rights that all creatives have and context for users of copyright imagery. Andrea will bust the myths and outline what you need to do, when and how so as not to have angry creatives on your tail.
Want to know more? Please go to www.mycreativebiz.com.au

Derek Rowe has been training and presenting to groups for over 20 years. He specialises in simplifying, updating and extending currently accepted approaches in the time management, leadership and communication spaces. In the last year alone, the ideas contained in this presentation have assisted thousands of workers in businesses such as The Red Cross Blood Service, Coles, WorkSafe, Ford, Thermo Fischer and CGU.

His presentation “Make Now Count: Life Priority Balance” will assist you to better fit your work role into your other roles – such as parent, daughter, spouse – as well as how to “make now count” when you’re doing things for your clients. Working virtually means working from anywhere, and potentially at any time. This challenges the accepted norm of work/life balance. Work bumps into life all the time, right? Let’s call it Life Priority Balance instead. The presentation will be designed to engage and challenge participants and the style will be interactive, discussive and activity-based.

Want to know more? Please go to www.derekconsulting.com.au

Amanda Vanelderen is a working copywriter based in Brisbane. She leapt into freelancing after 18 years in comms, marketing and media. Establishing WorkWords in 2016, she’s focused on making a connection through smart communications. And cutting the crap. Life’s too short for bad writing and poor communication. She’s passionate about teaching writing skills to people who don’t think they’re writers.

Cut the crap: Smart writing in the digital world
A relaxed look at:

* why writing is the key skill for VAs
* writing for business Vs copywriting as a service
* practical tips on cutting the crap in your writing and communication.

Everyone can be a writer. Amanda takes you through writing rules and when to break them, and why writing well will get you booked out and grow your business.

Get hands on and ‘cut the crap’ with worksheets and samples

Want to know more? Please go to www.workwords.com.au

Kathie M. Thomas will talk about “Succeed with Networking”

Do you really know what networking is about? Do you know the difference between a bad and a good networker? Did you know there are health benefits to networking? This and much more will be shared in the presentation “Succeed with Networking”

Kathie began her business in 1994 and saw the VA industry birth here in Australia. She is co-founder of the Australian VA Association and AVAC and former past president. Kathie is a VA and a VA trainer and started her business to be home for her 5 daughters while at school. 23+ years later she is still active in her business and the industry.

Want to know more? Please go to www.vadirectory.net

Janet Camilleri has turned her passion for words and the web into a successful copywriting business. Following a redundancy, she began as a VA offering a range of digital marketing services. Upon realising her passion was Search Engine Optimisation, she registered her business Front Page Web Writing, where she specialises in writing web content that gets found by search engines.

She will talk about “How to Get Found Online” – AKA Search Engine Optimisation for your business website – yes you can DIY!

  • What’s all the fuss about SEO?
  • Why DIY?
  • The 3 Elements of SEO
  • Keywords – What are they? How to choose and use them wisely
  • Backlinks – and how to get them
  • Helpful SEO tools
  • SEO is a long term strategy
  • Real life examples of how SEO has worked

Want to know more? Please go to www.frontpageweb.com

Lyndal Harris makes podcasting easier. She is passionate about helping people get their message out to the world via podcasts! 

She has been a Virtual Assistant since 2011 and recently re-branded to become Podcast VA, the first VA in Australia to niche into podcast support. She loves being a business owner and has learnt through trial and error that there are some things that we should just not even try if it’s not in our zone of genius. So she’s a big believer in building your team and outsourcing to reduce stress, and save you time and money.

“Podcasting Why podcasting is a content medium not to be ignored! – what is podcasting? – podcast – why would you? – why you (or your clients) should consider a podcast – podcasting as part of your product ecosystem. – re-purposing your podcast content.

Want to know more? Please go to www.podcastva.com

James Flaherty is founder and Director of Social Beast a Brisbane based strategic marketing consultancy that helps small business to achieve their marketing goals. Previously CCIQ’s General Manager Strategy and Innovation, James’ core strengths lie in critical analysis, change management, strategic planning and a rare ability to translate big picture thinking into tangible results with commercial benefits and outcomes. With almost 20 years commercial and marketing experience, James is now the Director at Social Beast. His unique experience spans consumer and business to business market segments, with clients ranging from SMEs through to major blue chip companies.

James’ presentation on “Business Strategy and Innovation”

Want to know more? Please go to www.socialbeast.com.au

Since creating Virtually Yours, Rosie Shilo has become one dedicated business woman. Currently Rosie owns and runs ‘Virtually Yours’, a network for over 200 Australian Virtual Assistants which she founded in 2004. Rosie has mentored many new and experienced VAs in their business, and seen them overcome many hurdles to achieve amazing goals. This inspired her to write “VA VA Voom: How to become an amazing VA and every client’s most Valued Asset” which was published in May 2014 and has sold hundreds of copies to date. On a personal note, Rosie is a dedicated mother to 2 little girls, Ruby (7) and Ella (3). Rosie is thankful that she is able to run her businesses from home in order to be there for her family. This passionate woman who has been described many times as ‘awesome’ is a true asset to the Virtual Assistant industry and her desire to see the industry grow and develop shines through in everything she does.

“What Makes for a Stand Out VA” A lot of VAs are running good but average businesses so this presentation will run through some points about what AWESOME VAs do to really stand out and wow their clients.

Want to know more? Please go to www.virtuallyyours.com.au

Heather Frame runs a business coaching practice called Profit Edge with her partner Marcus Everett. She has been coaching and training
business owners for over 11 years. Heather’s passion is coaching and she has successfully coached many individuals and teams to be more focused, confident and achieve amazing results in all that they do.

Her topic, “Building and Managing your Team” – Most VA’s that want to build a full-service business in the industry need to rely on other VA’s to cover shifts or absorb overflow during critical periods. This results in the need to employ other VA’s as subcontractors or on a permanent part time basis.

This presentation will demonstrate how developing team management systems are the key to building a virtual team successfully. The following topics will be covered in the presentation

  • An effective recruiting process to ensure potential team members are suitable for the role
  • The critical traits of an ideal virtual team member
  • How to communicate your expectations of performance to your new team member
  • Simple and effective team member performance measurements, targets and KPI’s
  • How to promote and foster personal accountability without resorting to the Big Stick
  • Rewarding appropriate performance in a way that builds trust and loyalty
  • Measuring your financial return from each team member.

Want to know more? Please go to www.profitedge.com.au

At 8 years old Lauren Clemett was told she had ‘word blindness’ and would never be able to read or write properly, yet she went on to become a five time best selling author and Stevie Award Winning Neurobranding expert, having worked within World leading advertising agencies as a brand manager, using her dyslexia disability as her greatest asset – to understand how the brain sees brands.

“How to you position yourself as the go-to specialist, clearly explaining exactly what you do and why someone should choose you to be their Virtual Assistant?”

You may think that just because you are ‘virtual’ you don’t need to be seen, but your personal brand can make the vital difference when it comes to naturally attracting perfect clients who love what you do and
pay you well for your services.

  • Learn what is really going on inside your ideal prospects head when they are looking for a virtual assistant
  • Discover the Neurobranding science that can turn needs into wants and drive decent client conversion
  • Learn the online authority formula so you know exactly what content to post to help your personal brand stand out so you can get better clients

Lauren will share the 3 things your ideal clients brain wants to know before they buy your services and how you can become well known, well paid and wanted!

Want to know more? Please go to www.laurenclemett.com

With a successful 38 year career in health, wellness, business and marketing, as a Fitness Instructor and Trainer, TV show host, Business owner, School marketer and International presenter and trainer, Sally brings a wealth of experience to the world of speaking, coaching and training. Sally Thibault will talk about “How to Smash Through Self-Sabotage” In a recent survey over 87% of female respondents claimed that self-sabotage is the challenge they would most like to overcome.

In this fun, interactive, fast pace session you will discover

  1. What is self-sabotage and why we attract it.
  2. The 5 aspects of a syndrome that 70% of high achieving individuals experience at some time in their life and how to recognise it.
  3. Why achieving in one area of your life, often creates sabotage in another.
  4. How self-limiting beliefs feed self-sabotage to keep you from experiencing the success you want and deserve.
  5. How to use the simple evidence based technique known as Tapping to smash through self-sabotage to create a ‘better than you think
    possible’ life.

Want to know more? Please go to www.sallythibault.com.au

Michelle House is a success coach + money mentor + business owner + shall we say … financial therapist, and she will get you on your way to living a soul-filled rich life.

Her business RICH Living helps you flick the switch to show you practical money solutions, mindset coaching, + emotional healing to live a soul-filled rich life.

As she says …

She is all about:  Your life. Your business. Your purpose.
Your connection to yourself and your family and your friends.
Your connected, fun filled, adventurous and love filled life.
Your dreams and desires manifesting with ease and grace.
Because when you live rich, everyone does.

Loosen up and lean into:

  • SMART goals vs RICH goals
  • Why living the life you want isn’t as simple as writing down a plan on a piece of paper
  • Why you can’t vision board your way out of the nagging doubt and self talk

Michelle will show you how you can have all the prosperity, abundance, adventures, fun and love that you want.

Want to know more? Please go to www.michellehouse.com.au/