Speakers 2019

Our program is in place and now we introduce to you our speaker line up.

Starting with Suzanne Chadwick who will be our MC for the two day event.

Suzanne Chadwick is the founder and CEO of The Connection Exchange providing coaching, training & events to women in business. Suzanne is also a business and brand strategist working with small and large businesses to develop a clearly articulated strategy and brand that helps them stand out from the crowd and take targeted action to achieve their business goals and vision. Suzanne is passionate about supporting women to play a bigger game, share their talents and build their business in a fun and sustainable way!

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Frances Pratt will be our first speaker for Friday on the topic of ‘Sales CAN be easy… tips on being you and winning with clients. Selling has been the focus of Frances Pratt’s life for over 20 years and she knows what a difference understanding ‘how to sell’ can make. She created www.kisstosell.com.au to do just that for business owners. She helps ‘demystify’ sales and show people who aren’t natural sales people how to make selling part of what they do every day; so it really doesn’t seem like selling at all. She has grown businesses from $400,000 to over $4 million in turnover in 4 years and exceeded her sales targets, by minimum of 156%. This has been driven through retaining and increasing sales to existing clients and bringing in the ever important new client sales. She established a sales consulting business to help business owners, CEOS and sales professionals better understand the buying process and how you best help your clients buy from you. Frances brings these insights and advice to you to demystify sales and selling, giving you the power to deliver dramatic sales results foryour business.

Georgie Mahmoud follows with ‘Decode Your Cravings’.
Georgie is a Mindful Eating Coach and Educator. She mostly works with primary and secondary teachers struggling with Binge eating and/or restrictive eating. Georgie is a certified health coach, transformational coach, Mindful eating coach and yoga teacher. She is a mum of two young girls, Olive and Diana. Originally from South Africa but lived in the UK for 14 years before immigrating to Australia 2 years ago. Before moving to Australia she owned her first business at 27 years old , a Swim School. She loves going to coffee shops, beach and travelling the world.

Merrin Munroe with ‘Think Smarter, not harder – tips for better technology in 2019. Passionate about using technology to make small business run more smoothly, Merrin loves brainstorming new ideas, integrating social media, and problem solving. Working out what doesn’t work, and reversing that so that your online life rocks. Started in hospitality, ventured into broadcasting, and now focussing on websites, social media and online marketing / technologies to make life simpler for small business. Likes to think outside the box, and teach people about what is possible, rather than focus on current outdated or non existent digital strategies.

Fay Chan is a published author, money coach and a clinical EFT Practitioner. EFT is an effective and a fast method to deal with emotions and distress. Whether it’d surface in your physical body, or impact your everyday thoughts & feelings.

Just like cold calling, another topic which drives up a lot of emotions is money. Generating it, using it, saving it, asking for it! EFT is very mindful, takes you completely into the present & shifts mindset almost immediately. Can you imagine being free of your gripping emotions and being in action easily?

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Kylie Chown is a LinkedIn Expert. With over 15 years of experience helping businesses grow using LinkedIn. Kylie has been featured in The Huffington Post, Australian Institute of Management (AIM), Franchise Business, HRM America and Leaders in Heels. She is currently one of seven Reach Certified Social Branding Analysts in Australia. She is the co-author of the book “CONNECT: How to Leverage Your LinkedIn Profile for Business Growth and Lead Generation”.

Want to know more? Please go to www.kyliechown.com.au

Pamela Griffiths (BA Dip.Ed UWA) Born in Sydney NSW, Pamela was educated in Sydney and in Perth. She has an extensive history of work placements in small business corporate and education and training units. Family circumstances have found her living and reinventing herself on numerous occasions in Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.
Her teaching experience includes various roles in high schools, special education, TAFE; prison and adult education campuses and many corporate and high profile individual tuition environments. She has specialised in entry level IT training, bookkeeping software training and in positions as a bookkeeper and business processes manager.

Les Watson’s passion for and expertise in time management and productivity has earned him the nickname ‘The Time Lord’.
He has worked extensively throughout Australia and South-East Asia delivering dynamic training programs to major corporations, small
businesses and individuals. Les’s depth of knowledge and skill comes from over 30 years of experience as a trainer, speaker and facilitator in self- management, motivation and communication. He lives and breathes time management in his own life. He has written the book ‘Get Back An Hour In Every Day’.

Want to know more? Please go to www.getmoretime.com.au

Jonathan Creek is an award-winning Investigative Journalist who after fourteen years in Mainstream TV now works with ASX 200 companies and an army of self employed professionals and Small/ Medium sized businesses to help them tell their own, infectious stories. 

Viral videos have been an obsession of Jonathan’s since 2009, in particular, the science that occurs in the human brain to make people click that share button. A human response that drives billions of views every single day. 

It is the basis of an algorithmic formula he developed known the Virable formula.  It measures the Spread factor in content, predicting how widely it will be shared. Initially used as a Market research tool for companies to measure whether their videos were any good before release. Recently Jonathan reversed engineered the Virable formula to provide content makers a clear path and guideline on the type of unique narratives and videos they need to make to create an impact online. 

He is known for helping businesses and brands to demystify the barriers around online video. His secret formula for to creating videos helps empower your workforce to all contribute to creating videos that are contagious, trigger people to act and help drive long term sales.

With over 10 years communications experience in the Government and community space, Paula O’Sullivan brings a highly analytical and strategic mind to the social media environment. Turning online activity into offline action is what drives our team to build and execute successful campaigns for our clients. We work with a diversity of industries ranging from bookkeeping and financial services, right through to a variety of retail and other outlets. Other industries we have worked with include first aid training, fitness, travel, technology, media, business consulting, creative industries and real estate. Paula has spoken to a variety of audiences, and takes a practical approach in her presentations.

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