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This event is a celebration of the dedication and hard work of all Virtual Assistants world-wide. This event aims to educate and assist all VAs in their careers also providing the perfect opportunity to network with their peers and discuss services and products they can use in the business to streamline processes.

This is your opportunity to showcase your organisation by donating a door prize and be acknowledged in the programme and on stage. Download the Door Prize Opportunity.

How this Opportunity Works

It’s always exciting to give away prizes to reward those who assist their clients every day to achieve their business goals. As you may be aware, Virtual Assistants are often directly involved in the selection and planning of conferences, travel and accommodation arrangements and various other activities that require sourcing products and services from other organisations. Therefore the 2013 Australian Virtual Assistant Conference represents a magnificent opportunity for your organisation to reach the secretarial/admin market – usually the key decision makers.

The MC will draw the prize and acknowledge your organisation with a short description of the prize. Your organisation’s name will also appear on the Conference Programme and a link on the AVAC website to your website. For prizes valued over $200, you may also include a brochure in the Gift Bags which will be provided for each Guest.

Delivery Instructions

Deliver instructions will be provided upon receipt of your acceptance.

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Door Prize Opportunity