The Australian Virtual Assistants Association is proud to announce it will be holding its 10th Annual Conference March 2019.

The Australian Virtual Assistants Association is proud to announce it will be holding its 10th Annual Conference – The Australian Virtual Assistant Conference, AVAC 2019, on 22nd and 23rd March 2019 in Melbourne, Victoria.

Every year VAs join together to celebrate their industry and learn from prominent speakers, mix with their peers, network, share tips and ideas and just to have fun.

Social Media interaction and connection via online forums and Facebook groups is not enough to stay active in your industry. Interaction via a live setting with your peers is an important part of staying connected. Face to face interaction helps you engage and participate in your industry organisation. It’s all too easy not to commit to an annual event when life gets busy and day to day priorities take precedent.

Face to face is still the number one way to connect. It’s the interactions with your peers, suppliers and other attendees which can be the most valuable part of the event. Deeper, meaningful conversations during the breakout sessions can help you develop new ideas and meet potential business partners. Also, discussing talks given by the speakers with your peers helps to reinforce learnings and ideas developed while in the conference room.

Due to the current unstable economic climate of rapid global change where business owners may not need full time assistance, Virtual Assistants (VAs) are now more in demand than ever before and play a crucial support role. They align themselves with small business operators, solo entrepreneurs and major corporations on an “as needs” basis or for a set amount of hours on a regular basis. Working as a solo business owner can be isolating and there’s the potential to lose touch with what’s happening in your industry. Coming together at industry events helps you stay on top of the latest global, national and local business trends and enables you to exchange ideas with others to add to your knowledge and productivity.

Even though this event is targeted at VAs you don’t need to be a VA to benefit from what the speakers and attendees have to share. Any small business owner or potential VAs would gain value by attending.

Your industry event needs to be scheduled in and planned for way ahead of time and should be a non-negotiable in your diary.

Click on this link to register, you will be glad that you did!