So, this is the first time that AVAC is being held in Sydney.  Will the numbers that come to the event beat the numbers we’ve had in Melbourne? Dare I (Kathie) even ask that question? 😉

We know there are a lot of Virtual Assistants in New South Wales so we are looking forward to a good turnout of NSW based VAs. This event is also a test for how the event will fair being held in another state. We are grateful to have a NSW based team behind us, assisting with things as the time draws closer.  It’s not as easy organising things when you’re not ‘on the ground’ so to speak. Both Anita and I appreciate having the support of our Sydney girls behind the scenes.  We plan to announce where AVAC 2014 will be held towards the end of our event in March.

I can tell you we have VAs coming from ACT, NSW, QLD, VIC and TAS to the event.  Would love to see some from SA, NT and WA too. And we have one coming from the USA as well, to present and also to enjoy being with us all here in Australia. I know you will make Donna feel very welcome.

If you’re still thinking about coming to the event, don’t hold off for too much longer.  It is just over 6 weeks away!  You can still pay in two part-payments, if you require, but only for another couple of weeks.  And if you’d like to come along at the early bird fee, then you’ll need to join our parent organisation the Australian Virtual Assistants Association (AVAA) to get that deal.  Got any questions? Leave a comment below or fill out the contact form on our site.